Dr. Walter Ward

Dr. Walter Ward made his name when he founded Medicross clinic group in South Africa in 1994, which expanded into 86 clinics, including day clinics. Whilst he was CEO of Medicross group he introduced Managed Healthcare into South Africa and trained many doctors in this discipline. He has 4 degrees and has had many successes in the business world, including writing a book on Securitised Financing for Bridgeway in 2003. He has been nominated for businessman of the year twice. He studied Medicine at Wits University and Advanced Business Management in the United States where he worked as Head of New Drug Research and Development for Bristol Squibbs in Princeton. With almost 5 decades of experience as a Medical Doctor, Businessman, Property Developer, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Ward recently co-founded Advance Medical Centre, the new generation of healthcare clinics focussing on modern healthcare in Africa. From his humble beginnings in a small town in the Freestate growing up in a poor family, Dr. Ward contributes his many successes to his basic beliefs taught by his parents, to “always being truthful, always doing your best and living with God in your heart.”

Dr. Natalie Mc Lullich

Growing up in the small town of Vereeniging, Dr. Mc Lullich, was involved in many charity organisations and spent a lot of time caring for the chronically ill and orphaned. It is through her charity work that she developed a love for humanity and passion for helping others. She completed a Bsc in Human Physiology at the University of Pretoria, BSc. (Hons) in cell culture, of which she graduated Cum Laude, and received innovation awards and Honorary colours. She completed a Higher Certificate in exercise science and sports management which was passed with distinction. She then went on to study a Batchelor of Medicine and Surgery, graduating in 2016. She has also completed shorter courses in Basic Life support, Advanced Life Support of both adult, Paediatric and Neonatal resuscitation. Before joining Advance Medical Centre, Dr. McLullich, worked in the ICU unit at Tembisa hospital where she gained extensive experience, especially in complicated Covid Pneumonia.

Captain Daniel Sabwalera

Captain Daniel Sabwelera is a well-known businessman and Ocean Economy consultant working with various governments in Africa, including South Africa, Seychelles, Guinea, Egypt and Uganda amongst many others. A graduate of the University of Plymouth Institute of Maritime Studies in the South West of England, and Alumni of Chancellor College, The University of Malawi and University of Kwazulu-Natal, Captain Daniel Sabwelera is one of the few, members of the fellow of the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION, a specialised agency of the UNITED NATIONS responsible for International shipping. He has served in various capacities in Maritime Administration positions both within and out of the African Continent and Europe including academia at the Durban University of Technology as head of Maritime Studies Department.

Captain Daniel Sabwelera (Executive Chairman)

In collaboration with his well established consulting company, Nabutorque, Daniel is co-founder and Executive Chairmain of the Advance Medical Centre and the PanAfrica Healthcare group, together with Dr. Walter Ward. In keeping with Captain Daniel Sabwelera’s linkages and extensive network in Africa, Nabutornque (Pty) Ltd, is strategically positioned as the managing company of Advance Medical Centre group of modern clinics to be rolled out in the major cities on the African continent.

Walter Ward Jnr (Tiger)

Walter Ward (Jnr)

Walter Ward (Junior) is an innovative entrepreneur who focusses on positive patient relationships and care. He is the founder of Drip Voltage, offering an exciting range of Vitamin and Mineral drip supplements to support the immune system, treat metabolic syndrome and nutritional deficiencies.

Walter (aka Tiger) has extensive experience in working with his father, Dr. Walter Ward on many projects, as well as being successful in his own right. He is the owner and founder of Salt Properties, a successful real estate company based in Johannesburg.

Tiger studied Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Witwatersrand and also has a qualification in Advanced Business Management from the Richard Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Philip Vhutshile

Dr. Philip Vhutshile is a Clinical Associate who has been working for Lacet Laborotories for 14 years. He recently joined Advance Medical centre as Manager of the Emergency unit, the theatre and the Lancet depot. Dr. Philip works closely with Dr. Ward and Dr. McLullich, assisting them in the high standards of patient care we strive to deliver at Advance Medical centre. With his calm and composed manner, and friendly personality, Dr. Philip (who likes to be called by his first name) is always friendly, helpful and ready to deliver excellent professional healthcare service.